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Feel free to discuss hair loss remedies, technologies, transplants, living with hair loss, cosmetic concealments, whether to "take the plunge" and shave your head, and how your newly shaved head or hairstyle looks. What is your solution? This new drug inhibits all three isoforms of 5α-reductase (i.e., type I, II, and III). How much are you guys taking and how often? BACKGROUND: Finasteride at a dose of 1 mg/d has been reported to show no significant improvement in 30-50% of patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). After 2.5 years on Fin and never seeing even a slight slowing down of my shedding, I'm switching to Dutasteride before my NW 2.5/3 gets worse. what happened in my experiment).Now you might be asking yourself, what if you kept a normal Testosterone level and used Dutasteride, what would happen then?Well, there would be no point of using exogenous Testosterone in that situation, and the only purpose it truly serves is to offset androgen deficiency side effects that may occur in a minority of individuals who use Dutasteride.Dutasteride on its own will increase endogenous Testosterone levels by up to 26% [For most men, this is sufficient enough to fulfill all of the androgenic functions typically facilitated by endogenous DHT, but for some, it is not, and that’s where exogenous Testosterone administration would come into play to push systemic Testosterone high enough to fill that void of androgenic activity, with a higher selectivity of anabolic activity relative to androgenic activity than DHT.Would the dosage needed for that minority of individuals be high enough to cause hair loss like it did in me?Depends on their sensitivity, as some men can’t even prevent hair loss with 0 DHT and their regular endogenous Testosterone levels.The reason is because they have no protection from Testosterone.One thing to note, if it wasn’t obvious, there is no scenario in which someone would need to take enough Testosterone to push their levels up to 2000 ng/dL on Dutasteride (well, at least 99% of the time, the caveat being Free Testosterone and SHBG issues that may occur).The only reason I did it was to truly establish Testosterone’s myotrophic-to-androgenic selectivity without DHT present for my future reference.Androgen deficient side effects on Dutasteride like erectile dysfunction should be alleviated in the vast majority of individuals with very basic Estrogen management, and Testosterone optimization still within the therapeutic reference range.The insight I got out of my Dutasteride and Testosterone experiment was invaluable as I’ve heard far too many self-proclaimed experts for years during my initial research confidently propose misinformation stating that DHT is the only hormone in the body that matters when it comes to hair loss.It can be difficult to snap your brain out of thinking something that 99% of people believe is true.The most effective ways to truly prevent hair loss via the androgen pathway in general will involve at least one of the following mediums:I don't have a recommendation for which way to go about it, or if you should go about it at all.However, I can definitively tell you that while it's not as androgenic as DHT, Testosterone still needs to be accounted for if you don’t want a Band-Aid solution and you have very aggressive hair loss.There are some people that are not sensitive to Testosterone or DHT.There are some people with 5-alpha reductase defects that are also not sensitive to Testosterone.There are a variety of genetic anomalies that are extremely rare, but exist nonetheless and can provide near immunity to hair loss progression.I suspect this is a genetic variant, and while we can get hung up on what this variant is in their DNA, at the end of the day, for 90-99% of us, androgens are what matter and what we should concern ourselves with understanding inside out, because you will very likely not be changing your genetic code in this lifetime.There are a variety of interesting theories that have branched out attempting to make sense of hair loss in a context that explains why DHT isn’t the only factor at play here.While some of these hold weight in certain regards, they are totally irrelevant to androgenic alopecia most of the time, and focus entirely on This typically applies to alternative theories like chronically elevated estrogen, elevated prolactin, thyroid deficiencies, liver damage, etc.I have yet to see any of these guys who make these bold claims even get blood work to establish their own theories in practical application.Instead of actually assessing these theories themselves, they will typically extrapolate data out of a study and then try and design an entire theory around it, and then make a blanket statement stating that the cause of hair loss is definitively (insert random hormone/nutrient/mineral/wild guess here).If you've seen my other content, you already know that I get my blood work checked a lot.I get everything checked extensively several times per year because if something is causing my hair loss (or results in a real health concern), I want to know what it is.Fortunately, my bodybuilding pharmacology background has enabled me to know how to manually address those things prior to even experiencing hair loss.I already had my blood work checked consistently and I've been monitoring it for years.Throughout my bodybuilding endeavours in the past I’ve at one time or another experienced severe Prolactin elevation as well as severe Estrogen elevation because I used to use stupid amounts of AAS when I competed in competitions.I've literally manually adjusted all of these random values so many times and I can definitively tell you that none of them are the root of male pattern baldness.I've had my Prolactin artificially raised from androgens that caused it.I've kept in the middle just by not using those androgens, and manually managed it at other times when I was using those drugs.I've been on 500 milligrams of Test with Dianabol in the past (among other heavily aromatizing compounds) and had absurdly out of range Estrogen levels because I was young, stupid and wasn't using an I had severely elevated estrogen yet still experienced male pattern baldness.I've crashed my estrogen to zero intentionally to dry out for competitions – still had a hair loss.I had perfect Estrogen levels throughout the entirety of my Dutasteride experiment (and still do) – still experienced androgenic alopecia.I don't drink and I don't use methylated oral steroids anymore.Even when my liver enzymes weren’t in range when I cycled methylated orals like Dianabol and Superdrol several times years ago there was no difference in my androgenic alopecia progression.Chronic inflammation is another common health marker that's commonly brought up.I've had a high sensitivity C-reactive protein test many times now to assess my levels of systemic inflammation, and the tests can't even detect inflammation in my body.Even with undetectable levels of inflammation in my body I still experience male pattern baldness with a high androgen index present.At one time I abused the hell out of T3 because I wanted to stay leaner with less effort and thought I could just artificially enhance my metabolism (doesn’t work that way by the way, do not try this), so I intentionally kept myself in a state of hyperthyroidism.I've also been hypothyroid many times as a result of that after coming off of T3.Both caused shedding, but didn’t progress my androgenic alopecia.I've been in the sweet spot (where I am in right now) and I've been in that same sweet spot several times in the past.I get a comprehensive panel done several times per year including my free T3, T4, TSH, reverse T3, Thyroglobulin, Thyroglobulin antibodies and Thyroid peroxidase antibodies.Androgenic alopecia never let up until I addressed androgens, and to be clear, for 90-99% of men, the same will apply.The only time it wouldn’t apply is if someone was experiencing temporary shedding from a deficiency, hormone imbalance, autoimmune condition, disease, or an array of other possibilities that cause shedding, which should not to be confused with androgenic alopecia.From what I’ve seen, every random value that is hypothesized as a potential root of the issue I've at one time or another had it severely elevated, severely crashed, or in the perfect sweet spot like it is right now.Estrogen elevation is definitely not the cause of androgenic alopecia, and neither are any of the other random values I mentioned.Estrogen facilitates hair growth and has a protective effect on scalp hair follicles.This is evidenced time and again in women who have high Estrogen levels, Progesterone levels equivalent to men the majority of the year (1 ng/mL or under), and low androgen levels.If chronically high Estrogen was the cause of androgenic alopecia, then we’d all have full heads of hair and women would be bald.I can confidently say you need to address DHT and Testosterone.One promising thing I see in the future are selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), which for some reason I don't see talked about in the community at all.If an individual gets to the point where their endogenous androgens are severely expediting their hair loss to the extent where it can’t be managed with topical anti-androgens, growth agonists, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, and other classic management strategies, the next step above and beyond that would typically either be using stronger topical anti-androgens, or systemically inhibiting the endogenous androgens causing their hair loss.While this can be accomplished via a variety of mechanisms involving the androgen receptor, one of the most promising ways to potentially facilitate this in my opinion would be by incorporating a less androgenic hormone (like a SARM) in conjunction with Estrogen for hormone replacement therapy.In theory (and in practical application for many researchers), this would fulfill the anabolic properties that their endogenous production of Testosterone would normally fulfill, with less of an androgenic hit to the body, and simultaneously suppress the androgenic hormones in the body responsible for hair loss.The Estrogen would be used to bring systemic Estrogen levels up to where they should be in the absence of adequate Testosterone to Estrogen aromatization.While SARMs have been examined in preclinical rodent models in the context of their efficacy profiles for managing benign prostate hyperplasia, the effect they have on endogenous anabolic and androgenic activity can be reverse engineered to see its blatant potential in hair loss prevention [In preclinical models, even one of the earliest and least effective SARMs showed a greater efficacy profile than Finasteride [When it comes to hair loss prevention, the ratio of selectivity of the anabolic agents in the body is critical.The tradeoff there is that the lower the androgenic stimulation is in the body, the less sexual sensitivity there will be too, but that's just the paradox of being a male.The more of an androgen load you have, the more hair follicle miniaturization you have.Drugs like Proviron and Masteron are androgenic steroids men commonly use for muscle hardening during bodybuilding competitions, but less commonly known is that they are also drugs men use to increase their sex drive and increase their penile sensitivity.These drugs are extremely androgenic and do an amazing job at boosting libido.But, predictably, they are two of the absolute worst drugs for prostate growth and hair loss potential.After dedicating over 8 years to extreme self-improvement, I have created "More Plates More Dates" as a one stop shop for helping you to get yourself on the right path to the "best you" possible too.I’m wondering..

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